Debt Amnesty Forgiveness Petition

  • Oakwood University offers “debt forgiveness” to former students who were enrolled at Oakwood University and have been separated for five (5) years or more and wish to complete their Oakwood degree through the University’s LEAP program. Oakwood University fully supports every student who matriculates within our institution. The OU debt forgiveness program is one more example of our determined commitment to your success.

    In order to receive debt forgiveness, former Oakwood students must meet the following requirements: 

    1. Enroll for at least 12 hours, which constitutes full-time status. 
    2. Keep the new tuition and fee payments current and complete an OU approved payment plan. 
    3. Matriculate through to graduation. The outstanding balance on the account will remain until all graduation requirements are met and confirmed by the Registrar’s Office. As a result, you may be ineligible to receive a refund. 

  • I agree to the terms as outline above.